Your images from the shoot will be sent to you for your choice selection through a private online gallery. Only yourself and I have access to it and it is very easy to use and below is a step by step guide on how it works and the features available.
1. Once the images are sent, you will receive an email containing a link to a private online gallery with all of the images from your shoot. Only yourself and I have access to this gallery.
2. Open the link and you will see all the images. At this stage they are not downloadable and are shown purely for you to choose your choice selection and the file size may be smaller than the final version.
3. You can select your images by clicking the bottom right hand tab of each image. You can also un-select the image in the same way. You can alter your choices as often as you wish before submitting and there are filters on the bottom left to help you.
4. You can also view images in full screen mode and here can add any comments on any image viewed in full screen mode.

5. When happy with your selection, you can submit your final choice and I will receive an email notification. I will then start work on the final processing shortly after.

Once your images are finished I have multiple ways in which I can send them to you. I can send a new link with downloadable images, send via free software programs like WeTransfer or Dropbox or if locally I can put onto a USB stick. I will speak to you before sending to ask which is your preferred method.

Thank you