After a long 3 years, we finally got to shoot again and it didn’t disappoint!

Lee’s ‘home studio’ isn’t actually a shed in the garden, Of course no disrespect to anyone\s fully equipped and well working shed. Lee’s home studio is a fully operational studio, better than some studios I have worked in. Boasting of backdrops, props, wigs, colours, clothes, lights and filters galore. It even has an AC unit if you get too hot!

On a serious note, Lee’s dedication to detail and his professional approach to his work space as well as his work, provides you a truly great experience.

I was thrilled to be back and we started with a good old chat to get back on a level after some time and letting those creative juices run wild.

There has been an update to the studio since I last visited. It was tremendous fun to be let loose with ideas, amongst the colourful sets and styling.

We nailed what we wanted, actually in no time at all, the best part of the day was spent nattering and/or eating/drinking!

As ever, looking forward to seeing the images and always welcome another visit to such a great space and fantastic host.

Highly recommend.


Well it’s no secret Lee and I have been working with each other for years and years now, from nearly the beginning of Lee’s photographic journey.

And throughout the years I’ve mentioned in previous references that I’ve been astounded by his progress and improvements, and nowadays I’m not in the least bit surprised by just how awesome our work turns out!

Once we finally got out of lockdown and could start shooting again I was straight over to Lee’s buzzing with ideas to shoot!

Over the last two years we’ve shot an incredible amount of different styles from film noir, to colour pop, gothic, a variety of different portraiture concepts, fairytale, high end fashion, headdresses, latex, and god just so much more.

I don’t think there’s a model I’ve worked with that I haven’t told that they must work with Lee, as not only is he an amazing photographer that collaborates with you to create beautiful images that you will be proud to have on your wall let alone in your portfolio. But that he’s also the kindest people you could hope to meet, I’ve had the pleasure of bringing new creative from photographers, MUAs, stylists, and models to his studio and its so wonderful to see how easily Lee can make them feel comfortable and confident! As well as looking after everyone on set with snacks and drinks on tap, tons of breaks, and if you’re staying over on tour you have your own gorgeous room that has fresh bottles of water and even complimentary vegan chocolates! (very important of course!)

Lee has even shot images of my husband and I for our family album, something I wouldn’t ask anyone else to do! Lee is one of my best friends and I just couldn’t recommend him enough!

If you have an awesome concept and want that perfect shot, don’t hesitate to collaborate with Lee, you will not be disappointed!

Tina Kalli
Tina Kalli

I booked a shoot with Lee to have some new headshots for both my children for their modelling profiles. From start to finish Lee was absolutely amazing, his studio was completely Covid secure and every little detail had be covered from toilets just for models to sanitizer units in every room.

Straight away he made Georgia and Jason feel comfortable. Nothing was too much trouble. They really enjoyed every minute and the photos show that. Lee managed to capture both personalities perfectly and is 100% the best photographer we have used, the photos are absolutely stunning and took me 4 hours to try and pick my favourites as I was spoilt for choice.

You are a very very talented photographer. You will be stuck with us now as I will only have the kids headshots taken by you from now on.

I would recommend Lee 110%, his work is fabulous. Thank you so much x

Cooper’s Casting Acting and Modelling Agency
Cooper’s Casting Acting and Modelling Agency

I have known Lee for 6 years and in this time he has been doing our head/full length shoots for our agency. Lee opens his studio up to our artists from birth to 21 year olds. He welcomes everyone in with open arms. He makes sure everyone is relaxed and at ease, all our artists walk out with a smile on their faces. Lee understands our industry and knows how to get the best out of our artists and knows just what a casting director would look for. Lee’s work is of a very high standard and I would highly recommend him not just for our agency photos but also on a personal note for my family’s photos.


I’ve been working with Lee for years now and as well as being a highly talented photographer, retoucher and friend, Lee is also the most perfect host. He hosted me for four days on my Hertfordshire tour last week and really went above and beyond what was expected. As well as home cooked meals and lovely little touches in the guest room Lee also allowed me to use his home studio for other bookings.


Lee is a fabulous host, and I’m ever so chuffed I got to shoot with him this week – he has the most wonderful lighting and wardrobe collection I have EVER seen!
He is also an amazing photographer who is very relaxed, captures the most beautiful images and is a freaking light guru – not to mention one of the best retouchers I’ve had the honour of working with!
Thank you so much for a fantastic day – I honestly cannot recommend you enough to all models, an absolutely perfect shoot.


I’ve shot with Lee no countless times alone, as a duo and with my daughter.
Lee is always my first choice photographer and person he’s such a lovely guy just being around him is uplifting.
Lee shot my daughters first six months shoot after shooting my maternity shoot, he was the only person I allowed to photograph me in such a delicate state. You will love the experience of shooting with lee so I highly recommend it if you get the chance.

Dan Chapple
Dan Chapple

I was sent to my first photo shoot with Lee by my agent who had given me an address to attend with the time and date and when I got to the location it was in a quiet residential area. After Lee invited me into his home and I spoke with him I was amazed that at the time he referred to himself as a photographer and not a professional photographer, and looking around his home he had converted pretty much every area in his home to accommodate his passion and what I saw was A studio complete with dressing and costume room filled with costumes, back drops, props and furniture everything you could need for a photo shoot and probably more than some other studios I had attended in the past, I was impressed.

Add to this Lee is an absolute Gentleman and I was really put at ease by his friendly and happy to help nature to get the shots what you wanted/need as well as make suggestions for what he thought would work. The outcome of the shoot was great I got some amazing headshots shots that I was very happy with and use in my portfolio for casting purposes but I also got a variety of other images that for my portfolio that Lee had suggested the outcome was great.

Would I recommend Lee? 100% he is a very skilled individual who is happy to put you at ease with his calm professional nature to get the shot.


Having admired Lee’s work for some time, I thought I would contact him to see if he would like to work with me – and I was VERY HAPPY when he said yes.
Having wanted to shoot more fantasy/dress up style images for a long time and Lee absolutely nails it every time. He was so kind to both myself and Leon, he put us up for the night and gave up his own bed – I know..

On arrival he showed us around and we both in such shock! The whole space is incredible, a models dream LITERALLY. There is a separate room entirely for wardrobe featuring stunning ethereal dresses, casual wear of every colour, smart wear, jackets, leathers, you name it – he’s got it. Then there’s the headpieces which are INCREDIBLE! So many choices and styles, amongst jewellery and boxes of props.

I honestly think Lee should run it as a professional studio, however I know that’s not what he wants. It exceeds every studio I think I’ve been to. The studio space itself has been well thought out, with only the best lighting and equipment too. Patio doors and windows for natural light shots too.

The shoot was amazing and he even allowed Leon to join in too taking pictures and advising him on shooting in studios and even editing afterwards he kindly gave Leon helpful tips and even some software for him to use. Lee is one of the best photographers around and I genuinely believe that, his skill knows no end and his retouching is impeccable.

I really can HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with Lee if you get the opportunity and we definitely plan on visiting again soon and taking Lee’s offer of using the studio space one day for Leon to practise. And as Leon said, next time it’s our treat to dinner.

Thank you again.


So glad I got the chance to work with the lovely Lee again! He is so accommodating and thoughtful, let me stay the night before and had fresh sheets/dressing gown/towels/slippers! He even got some special vegan snacks in for me which was greatly appreciated.

You can tell Lee is very passionate about photography when shooting as he is always trying interesting new set ups and getting creative. One big change since last time I visited him is his amazing prop room!! He has collected lots of awesome items of clothing in various styles and sizes, he has a wonderful collection of head pieces/glasses/props and has even stocked all those little bits we usually forget on tour that can be very helpful like hair bands/clips and safety pins etc.

Basically Lee thinks of everything! And as if this wasn’t enough he creates beautiful photos and edits them wonderfully. He has no ego and is always open to ideas and suggestion even though he has an endless supply of his own.
The fact that this is the longest reference I’ve ever written in 9 years of modelling should speak for itself really! I can’t wait to come back.

Highly recommended.


I’ve admired Lee’s work for a good while and I just knew we could make some magic together, and he certainly delivered!

Lee is an amazing host and has loaaaaads of snacks, and even bought my favourite biscuit tea! The wardrobe is like a models dream, I could honestly spend about a week in there and just dress up in the several different outfits and pieces on offer!
Lee is a natural light genius, and hissetupss and eye for photography are just exceptional!

Seriously enjoyed my shoot and I recommend Lee to all.


I had a great shoot with LRM photography and Sister of Sinister MUA. We shot 3 different makeup sets and I look forward to seeing the results.

Lee is amazing to work with, he is professional, creative, clever, ambitious, amazing at his craft and it was a pleasure to shoot with him again. He made sure we had a extremely lovely lunch and he even catered for my specific dietary needs, which I really appreciate. The energy on the day of everyone involved was lovely and energetic.
Thank you so much for an amazing day and great shoot.

110% recommended!

Don’t miss the chance to shoot with him.


Would I recommend Lee?


Lee is one of the best photographers I have worked with in my time. Not only is he extremely talented, he is one of the most loveliest and kindest person I have met in a long while.

We had a location shoot at this gorgeous venue and it allowed Lee and I to really put our creative minds together and create some amazing images. It is so wonderful to work with someone who has the same creative mind as you! We had lots of fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the shoot.

Lee is a gem to work with, and my work with him will be one of my best memories of my modelling career.

Many thanks Lee, you are one of a kind!


Sooo… 4th shoot with Lee!



I was so happy that Lee was interested in shooting me at one of my favourite studios – The Hacienda!! I just knew we would get awesome images together, but I was overwhelmed just how awesome they actually are!!! I think we created some of our best images to date, and without being big headed I think that is saying something!!
I was full of a head cold and Lee was SO considerate!! Even refusing to do a hair flick shot as he didn’t want me flinging my head about with a cold! now THAT is thinking about the model- there are very few photographers that I have worked with that have been that thoughtful!

What I also love about Lee is he doesn’t force shots! we went to do a set in the bedroom and it just wasn’t working. The images were perfectly lovely but as Lee said ‘we can do better than this’ and we moved on! now that, I love!! However on the other hand, Lee does not give up when he knows a shot is going to work! We played around with light and positioning in the bathroom until Lee cracked it! I am so glad we got it as the shots are just wow !!!

Lee always works on a collaborative basis with the model! He listens to opinions and suggestions and is more than happy to try something completely out there to see if it works!

Not to mention working with Lee is so fun and relaxed!! He always makes me laugh!! we have plenty of breaks and Lee always makes sure I’m happy!!

A dream photographer and a great friend!


What can I say that hasn’t been said yet? Lee is one of my closest friends, a brilliant photographer and a fantastic person. As always he made sure I’m comfortable and have everything I need, and I mean absolutely everything like food and toiletries even, he is the best host ever. The studio has been fully rebuilt since I last been there, and many backdrops and props added. The dressing room is full of clothes including special items for creative shooting, jewellery, wigs, you can have a hundred different looks in one shoot if you want to (probably even more than that).

His creativity is endless, lighting is very precise, the shoot was amazing. Oh and also he cooks delicious food too! Very highly recommended, can’t think of a better person to shoot with!


Where do I start? Lee is a true gentleman. I had but thought chivalry was dead but, after staying with Lee & spending some time with him I realised it is very much alive.
He is a fabulous, caring, generous, polite & trustworthy host. Alongside having wicked taste in television, music & photography styles!

WE SMASHED IT, within a few hours we had shot some really cool work that I am super excited to share. I see the love Lee puts into his photography and appreciate that a lot. His home is truly beautiful and Lee takes pride in this, I respect him highly and hope everyone will book him. He started shooting for casting agencies recently and, for anyone needing that sort of shoot I hope you would contact him. He is a master at lighting but, I see always learning as I am. He has a broad knowledge, I learnt a lot!


This is a MUST READ reference if you are going to work with this guy!
So firstly a MASSIVE thank you Lee for taking me on for the day when it was meant to be him shooting Tillie and instead letting me join in as a keen learning photographer ,giving great tuition on everything from natural light to unusual but awesome lighting set ups. I learnt loads and have some amazing pictures as the outcome to really help build upon my portfolio.

The studio – When you’ve got a home studio better than some actual studios you’re doing something right. More lights than you’ll ever need, an amazing range of modifiers & reflectors, a 5 backdrop mounting system as well as LOADS of different colour backdrop rolls, beautiful natural light coming in through the skylights + doors/windows and overall a large amount of space for a home studio. It’s my dream to have a home studio as good as yours!

The props/wardrobe – This was mental, the range of clothing was so good. Seriously you have to see it to believe it, it will blow you away and the amount of accessories like jewellery/headpieces/glasses to go with it was equally amazing! Tillie was in her element being able to dress up in so many beautiful outfits + dresses.

Lee was very welcoming from the start and continued with the best hospitality i think I’ve ever received. His kindness shined throughout our time at his and i can fully vouch that anyone shooting with him will end up with some epic shots with having a great time achieving them.

Thank you so much, i really look forward to coming down again and next time dinner shall be on us! 1,000,000% recommended x infinity + 1 more than anyone can ever say.


Shooting with Lee was a wonderful experience! Lee is an extremely accommodating, helpful and welcoming host. Communications beforehand were excellent, and although the weather was a bit worrying Lee did everything possible to make sure I had a safe and pleasant journey on the way there and back.

Lee’s collection of clothing, accessories, wigs, headdresses and more was astounding! You name it, he had it ready and available. Having travelled from Liverpool myself, it was great to not have to lug a big suitcase around. His studio equipment and set up was equally impressive, and he was more than happy to explain his technique as we shot. I’m so excited to see the final edits, the back of the camera shots looked amazing as is!

The shoot itself was professional yet relaxed, and yes, the food was fantastic. All in all, I’d highly recommend working with Lee and am very much looking forward to our next shoot.


I don’t know where to start, everything was just perfect! I was feeling like a queen and we had so much laugh as well as created ass-kicking images.

Firstly, Lee has an amazing communicational and organizational skills. It was piece of cake to plan a shooting with him as he immediately booked an incredible make up artist, set the date and started to discuss the ideas. He shared so many great ideas as well as liked mine.

Further, on the day he provided a crazy amount of food, snacks and drinks and even got us pizzas! He made sure that me and the team would have rest and eat properly. Endlessly grateful for being such a great host.

Also, this lovely photographer provided with an amazing styling and headpieces. His wardrobe is definitely bigger than mine. It was so difficult to choose what to wear as everything looked just amazing.

Lastly, he knew 100% what he is doing. His crazily smart lighting was on point, we didn’t need to shoot a gazillion of pictures as we received instant great results. I think we done 7 different sets in one day which is amazing! Also, I really adore this lovely person’s commitment to constantly improve his skills. Even though his work is already very beautiful.

Lee, thank you so so much for an amazing day. As I said previously my cheeks are still in pain because of laugh!!! You are an amazing artist and amazing person. Please never change XX looking forward to see edits and hopefully we can work again in future.

Lots of love.

Sister of Sinister MUA
Sister of Sinister MUA

Once again I had a superb time shooting with Lee 2 weekends in a row and everytime we shoot together it is always fantastic, full of lots of laughter and creativity just the way I like it.

Lee always makes not just me but my partner Dom always feel incredible welcome and I really do feel right at home and not to mention the incredible packed out prop room which holds so many stunning creations including my own from Haus Of Sinister and was also happy to design Lee another piece for his collection.

I always feel very honoured to work with Lee and when I do its always a new adventure of creating amazing looks and seeing the images jump off the screen. His skills are out of this world and every image is special and beautifully created. For both days we had two brilliant models to work with and worked on a series of bold and soft makeup looks combined with a lot of creative outfits, accessories, props and sets, which made every look stand out and of course I am very much looking forward to seeing the final results.

When working with Lee there is always a lot of creative choices to choose from thanks to his amazing prop room full of gorgeous outfits, accessories and not to mention the props and an amazing collection of backdrops.

Lee is very creative with Every shoot and combining all these things is what makes his work really stand out. Lee is so versatile and has an incredible vision and knows how to create the perfect image. The amount of time, effort and detail that Lee puts into his work is mind blowing for me its not just an image its a work of art.

And last not but least i have to mention also what an incredible host lee is he literally is the perfect host and looks after the models and makes people feel so at ease. He has a beautiful home, a beautiful studio and makes sure you are hydrated throughout the day and of course makes sure you have a proper break and there is always plenty of yummy food. Lee really does make you feel at home and well looked after on every shoot.

Overall every shoot is amazing with Lee, he is talented, kind and makes sure you are comfortable, safe and is a superb photographer and dear friend. I feel honoured to not only work with Lee, but its always good to catch up and have a wonderful day.
Thank you Lee for a terrific shoot, always 100 % highly recommended and if you have not worked with Lee yet, you really should he is amazeballs.


Me and Lee had an awesome weekend together, full of creativity and variety!! I was so happy to get a message from Lee regarding a full day shoot (and hosting) and I was over the moon to be able to arrange a couple nights at his lovely home as I was traveling up from Newport, Wales.

His detailed and in depth communications are some of the best I’ve ever seen from a photographer- he detailed everything I could possibly need to know and Lee really thinks of every little detail. So informative and helpful, Lee has really set the bar on how to look after models (Lee, you should write a guide on this!)

When I first arrived I was made to feel at home and then shortly after – I was offered to order pizza which is a dream come true ha ha- seriously- did he read my mind? Lee’s home studio is really amazing too- everything you need for an all day shoot (and then some)- so many cool lighting set ups, gadgets, clever tricks and amazing prop/ wardrobe room to have fun with. Lee talked through every set up and plan in detail and always explained the lighting set ups we were going to use- so I was always in the loop. We had plenty of breaks for refreshments and for browsing through the photos while they were fresh in our memory. Lee usually lets the models pick their favourites which really makes a change to other shoots I get booked for, so it was amazing to have some input (although it was hard to take the responsibility as I’m not used to it!)
Lee made sure he got in all my favourite snacks and made sure I was comfortable at all times, I really was spoilt!

And now for the pictures… well, they were absolutely amazing and so creative and different to what I usually get booked for- so many different looks it was rather overwhelming ! (in a good way). Lee really knows what he’s doing behind the camera and takes the time to learn new clever techniques and he is clearly so passionate which is really admirable! For someone so talented- Lee is extremely humble- a little too humble! I’m not sure he realises just how good he is ? ? Technically and creatively!

Thank you for a lovely weekend full of amazing photos, yummy food and treats and company.