Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of questions and answers that you may find helpful. If you have a question that is not on this list, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will be happy to help.

Where are you located?

I am based in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. Cheshunt is easy to get to from London with a direct train from Liverpool Street and other routes. If driving, then the studio is situated in a cul-de-sac and has easy parking on the driveway.

Do you have a studio?

Yes, my studio is on the back of the house. You can view a short video of the studio on my About Me page. The studio is heated, has air conditioning for the hot weather, lovely natural light and is as well-equipped as any high street studio.

What shall I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in is the easy answer but here is a little guide which may be helpful. And please feel free to bring several outfits to change into during the shoot.

Solid colours are good for tops. Please ensure any shirts are ironed. Texture in clothing always comes out fantastically well in photos so jumpers, knitwear and denim can be option also.

For family shoots the easiest way to decide on clothing looks is start off with one person and try and compliment the colours without doing a direct match of colours i.e. for soft colours its pastels, light blues, grey or blush and warmer colours its brown, orange, burgundy etc. Also for family shoots, let your children have an input in what to wear as this can get them engaged in the photoshoot and as the shoot is planned for 4 hours, there is plenty of time for multiple changes of clothes so let them have fun with it, i.e. character clothing such as Disney/Marvel, football kits, dance, whatever they enjoy.

Layers and accessories help transform clothing also. Think scarfs, blazers, accessories, jewellery (please keep this simply though as the photo is about you and not the jewellery), hats, fun items.

Try to avoid:

Stripes and crazy patterns. Logos or text as this will draw people’s attention straight to these and not you. Formal clothing as this is not really suited to studio shooting.
Dark colours. (black, dark navy, grey) as these tend to darken the overall feel of the photo.

We want colour, energy, bright and fun.

Can you help with posing?

Yes, though I like more natural photos than staged posing. Most of us are not models and feel awkward to start with but one of my key strengths is the ability to make people feel instantly at home and I have a relaxed shooting style, lots of laughs, your own choice of music on in the background and I will capture the real you. If you check out my family and commercial galleries, these were just like you and the results are pretty good.

Can I Choose My Own Favourite Photos?

Yes, the choice of the photos is entirely yours.

What if I need to reschedule and do you have a cancellation policy?

I fully understand at times unexpected situations may occur so I would be happy to re-schedule. All I would ask is the courtesy of a call as early as possible as of course a cancellation without being able to replace the shoot leaves me unable to earn as once your shoot is booked in, I take on no additional work for that period including a few days after your shoot in order to get your images over to you. I no longer have a cancellation policy in asking for a percentage of the shoot fee to be paid in the case of a cancellation due to the current Covid situation as with the rules of groups/meetings changing frequently, I personally feel it is unfair to charge for something that may be out of your control.

Do you have baby nappy changes facilities?

Yes, I have a changing mat that is curved at the sides, packs of nappies from size 1 to 6, nappy sacks, baby talc, baby wet wipes and nappy rash ointment cream. I do not provide baby food in case of any allergies so please bring your own along to the shoot. The kitchen is open to you throughout the shoot.

What if my little one is not in the mood?

Trust me, this happens at times, it is just not you so please do not worry about this. They will have moments where they are uncooperative and patience is the key as they will feed off the parents energy so it’s important to remain calm and upbeat and I have all the patience in the world and if the shoot time over runs then I will not charge for any additional time so there is no pressure at all. If they are just not in the mood at all on the day, then I will happily arrange another shoot with you at no additional cost, but this very rarely happens. It may help to bring some of their favourite toys to help them relax also. So please, this is nothing to feel pressured or worried about.

How long will it take to get my photos?

Usually samples of all the images are with you within 48 hours of the shoot. Once you have chosen the images you would like me to process, then this will be completed within two weeks maximum. I always leave one week a month free, so I never get a backlog of work.

How do I receive my photos?

I have several methods that I will discuss with you to make it as easy as possible for you to post, share and keep your photos. Initially I will have a password protected online gallery on my website, in which only myself and you have access to. This is for your choice selection. One I have finished the photos of your choice I can simply put back into this gallery for you to download, or put them onto a USB stick for simple plug in to your computer, or send online via dropbox or we transfer which are free to use.

Do you keep backups of the photos in case I lose mine?

Yes, I use external hard drives to keep back-ups of all shoots so if you require another copy of the photos, rest assured I will have them and will send them to you at no charge.

Will you use the photos from my shoot?

As a photographer it is important for me to showcase my work and I would like to use some for my recent work page on my website, in which they will be replaced after my next shoot, and one or two in my gallery section of the website. However, I will only do this with your permission, and I will respect your decision if you wish to keep the photos private to yourself.

Do you deliver RAW files?

No. I shoot and edit in RAW format for the maximum quality of image. (RAW format are huge file size photos and require specific software to open) The finished images will be supplied to you in maximum quality high resolution JPG files and do not include the RAW files in my packages.

Do I get the copyright to my photos?

No. As the content creator, under copyright laws I am the copyright owner of the photos. You do have the freedom to share, print and post online including use on other websites. I do not watermark the photos so the photos you receive are clean and tidy, free from watermarks or my signature. I am happy to sign an image release clause if needed but for personal use, this is rarely required.

Can you do black and white photos?

Yes. I use the best editing software so if you wished to have any black and white versions of your chosen edits, I will happily to those at no extra cost so you have a colour and black and white version of the photo.

What sort of payments do you accept?

I can accept Paypal, Bank Transfers, Bacs, Cheques or Cash, whichever is easiest for you. Please note that full payment must be made before any photos are supplied and work commenced on them.

What equipment do you use?

Without making an endless list, my equipment is of a very high professional standard including a Nikon D810 camera, multiple different focal lens and Bowens Lighting which are battery powered so there are no cables along for floor for safety. And a huge number of coloured backdrops.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I have full business, contents and indemnity insurance with the current Liability certificate up in the studio.

Can I bring toys, sweets for my children?

Yes of course but please do not bring sweets that take a longer time to eat i.e. lollipops or messy snacks ie wotsits. If they have favourite toys that may help them relax then by all means, please feel free to bring along.

Can I bring a friend to the shoot?

Yes, of course you can as long as it is permitted by the current covid guidelines on the date of your shoot. Please just let me know prior so I can arrange seating for them

Where can I get my images printed?

I personally use Hello Canvas ( and whilst I get no commission for recommending them, each of the canvas prints of my work you saw in my studio were done through them.

My canvas prints were done via the collage section on the website and for the larger prints i choose Landscape at 60cm by 90cm and the smaller square ones i chose 50cm x 50cm. Each of them I paid additional for a wooden frame around the canvas which is an option at the end of designing your canvas.

The finished photos that you will receive are perfect to use in designing your own print. However, if you feel more comfortable for me to order the product of your choice then I can do so for a £15.00 fee. Payment for the canvas you wish to order must be paid to myself prior to ordering and once ordered cannot be changed or refunded.

How can I book you?

You can contact me through either my contact page on the website, by phone or by any social media pages linked to my website.

How long does a 4 hour shoot really take you?

Normally I spend about an hour prior to the shoot getting everything ready for your arrival. Once the 4 hour shoot has ended, then I spent an hour in getting the photos from the camera onto my computer so I have 2 copies of them. The next day I spend around two hours going through the photos and getting them ready to send samples to you. Once you have chosen the photos of your choice I usually then spend around six to eight hours in editing and sending you the finished samples. So a 4 hour shoot really involves around 12-16 hours in total for myself from start to finish.