LRM Photography Studio Covid Policy

As it looks like this will be with us for some time, I have put together this guideline to minimise any risks to you and myself for your photoshoot. I have taken every possible measure I can to ensure there is no way of me passing on anything to you which includes myself only taking on one booking every 14 days and making the house/studio as covid safe as possible as outlined in this guide.

Important – You are choosing to visit the studio at your own risk during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you or any family members are in a high-risk category or are showing any signs of symptoms then please know that I will happily re-arrange your shoot.

Before Your Photoshoot

If you or anyone in your family shows any signs of Covid symptoms (new continuous cough, high temperature and a loss of taste and/or smell) then please let me know and I will happily re-arrange the shoot.
The studio and house are cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner before and after your shoot. This includes door bells, furniture, door handles, soap dispensers, kitchen and downstairs bathroom areas.
The studio also adheres to any Government advice including any local restrictions or lockdowns.

Face Masks

I will be wearing a face mask from start to completion of the shoot.
Please arrive with a face covering on for yours and my safety as per the latest government advice. Face coverings are to be kept on unless directly involved in the photoshoot.

Your arrival

Please use the automatic hand wash sanitizer as you enter. This is a non-rinse spray and use both hands to rub the spray in. Please also use this after using the bathroom and frequently throughout the shoot. All soap sanitizers are rinse free and use the approved 70-75% alcohol gel/rinse.
The downstairs bathroom is for your use only. I will use the upstairs if required. The bathroom is cleaned before and after each shoot. There is a paper tissue dispenser not hand towels in the bathroom and soap dispensers. Please do not flush the hand tissues and use the pedal bin outside the bathroom to dispose of these.
And of course, I am very friendly but due to covid, no hand shakes etc, just a lovely greeted welcome.


Please retain 1 to 2 meters distance where possible. This means I will not walk up to you to show you the images on the back of the camera, but you will receive all images within 48 hours to choose your favourites.
The kitchen is open to you for snacks or refreshments, which will be laid out ahead of your arrival with disposable paper cups and plates. I will not enter the kitchen during the duration of the shoot. Please try and avoid the fridge and appliances etc. If a kettle is needed for warming up baby food/milk, then the kettle will be wiped down prior to the shoot also.

Post Shoot

Please use the automatic hand wash sanitizer again as you leave the studio.
If anyone shows any symptoms within 14 days of the shoot, then either party will inform each other immediately. I am only booking shoots at a minimum once every 14 days to minimise any risks.