Forever, A Wolf Story

The following is a story based photoshoot idea i had. With models Soria, Scarlett Fox and William Newton and assistance from my photographer friend Stephen Hawkins, we shot a storyboard style photoshoot in local woodlands. 


“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls” – George Carlin

This is not one of those nights

It all started with a report in the local newspaper, which was one of those newspapers that you never took seriously and always managed to print reports of aliens living amongst us and other wacky theories.

So no one took the reports seriously and on one fine afternoon Scarlett and Soria went to the local apple orchard to pick apples and as it was getting late they decided to take a short cut home through the woods.

As they ventured deeper into the woods, and with the sun setting and the weather becoming colder they had no idea they were being watched

Suddenly the heard a noise of twigs breaking, and noticed this strange figure close by. Remembering the newspaper report, they thought if they could take a photo, they would be able to sell the photo

However, they underestimated the speed and agility of what ever it was they captured on the phone and in a panic they dropped everything and started to run

They desperately tried to hide and lose creature following them, which led to a chase through the woods

Eventually the creatures use of smell meant he was able to catch up with them and he went in the for kill strike

However, something stopped him from delivering the fatal strike that day

No one knows what ever happened to Soria and Scarlett that day, they never arrived home and weeks later the local newspaper ran another story

As the paper says, no one knows what happened to them both and we can only wonder


Behind the Scenes of the shoot (Many thanks to Steven for taking these):