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First Actor Photoshoot

I had the pleasure recently of my first actor headshot photoshoot and on top of headshot style photos we managed to grab some other photos also, in the studio and outdoors. The actor was Matt Sproit who has been on shows such as Eastenders, Call the Midwife, Witless and more. Here are a few of

Victoria Pub Photo Shoot Collaboration

I am starting to look for nice locations to shoot fashion photography at, ideally locations with something of interest as scenery, ie pubs, farmlands, scrapyards, stables, derelict buildings and more. These will all be shot with just the camera, no large lights to set up, so there will be no disruption at all to the

Gels, Gels and more Gels

Those who know me well are more than aware that Gels are my photography arch nemesis. I can take the best photo in the world (okay, i wish) but do nothing different but put a coloured gel on the light and it will turn into a disaster. So i recently attended the amazing Jake Hick’s