Athena Fitness Shoot

I recently done a photo shoot at Athena Fitness Centre in Gravesend, Kent. Having worked with Faye a few times before, i was delighted to be invited down to Athena Fitness Centre which she runs to do some aerial aerobic style photos including hoops, silk and poles. This was my first shoot in this genre of

Website Revamp and Social Media

As you may have noticed the website has just undergone a major revamp. There are still a few little tweaks to do here and there (mostly in portfolio) but its now more or less done. There are all my social media tabs at the base of the site including flickr and fotoblur. Both these are

When Insects Attack

Had a fun shoot with week with Mel and my very good friend Rich (Arvee on Purpleport). It was his shoot but they kindly offered me the chance to come along as shoots are always nicer outdoors with an extra pair of hands. We ended the shoot in one of Rich’s friends amazing gardens when

Gels, Gels and more Gels

Those who know me well are more than aware that Gels are my photography arch nemesis. I can take the best photo in the world (okay, i wish) but do nothing different but put a coloured gel on the light and it will turn into a disaster. So i recently attended the amazing Jake Hick’s

Holly’s BraveTheShave Charity Shoot

Sometimes its nice to give something back and Cancer unfortunately is something that has happened in my family so i was delighted to get involved in Holly’s Macmillan’s Bravetheshave campaign and give her a free photoshoot of her event. She is an amazing person and raised over £800 for the charity and loves her new look. It