Forever, A Wolf Story

The following is a story based photoshoot idea i had. With models Soria, Scarlett Fox and William Newton and assistance from my photographer friend Stephen Hawkins, we shot a storyboard style photoshoot in local woodlands.    “There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls” – George Carlin This is not

First Actor Photoshoot

I had the pleasure recently of my first actor headshot photoshoot and on top of headshot style photos we managed to grab some other photos also, in the studio and outdoors. The actor was Matt Sproit who has been on shows such as Eastenders, Call the Midwife, Witless and more. Here are a few of

Lightroom Editing Tips

When i started photography, Lightroom was my first editing software. Like most, i now use Photoshop but still have lightroom but i made the mistake of thinking Lightroom is only good for crops, sorting images out but over the last few months with some study, i have found i use Lightroom almost as much as

Victoria Pub Photo Shoot Collaboration

I am starting to look for nice locations to shoot fashion photography at, ideally locations with something of interest as scenery, ie pubs, farmlands, scrapyards, stables, derelict buildings and more. These will all be shot with just the camera, no large lights to set up, so there will be no disruption at all to the

High Wire Brigade Group Shoot

Had a great shoot down at Baldock Recording Studios last week with Kaj, Mark and other members of High Wire Bridage.   Lighting conditions were challenging  (which i always love) with a small dark room with a magenta and blue ceiling spotlight only so had to push the camera and shoot wide open using only