About Me

Lee Manston


Hi, thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

My name is Lee and I am a photographer based in Hertfordshire.
I shoot from my purpose built home studio which is as well equipped as your high street studios, without the cost of a high street studio being passed on to you.

I believe my biggest strength with my photography is that I do not have just one style of shooting as I hope my portfolio shows, as each shoot is unique and whilst my shoots are very professional they have been described as fun, relaxed and creative. I like to think outside the box and whilst still maintaining the classic style of photography I also enjoy throwing the photography rule book away at times and bringing you some unique captures.

I am happy to do all styles of photography from newborns, family, model portfolio’s to just giving you a one off studio experience.

Although i do not seek them i have had a few publications in magazines such as Rise, Alwayz Therro, Gothic & Amazing and the Gothic Shops online store to name just a few but i am still waiting for any requests from the Royal Family to be their official photographer 🙂
Despite being an age where I grew up with the Sinclair Spectrum and Rubik cubes (okay I am mid forties so not a relic just yet), I am active on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so if you would like to keep updated on my work then why not give me a like/follow on the links above.

References I have over 130 references on facebook and other sites and you can read what others have said about my shoots here

If you have any enquiries then please do not hesitate to get in touch.